Happening On Saturday, July 16

Eliot Ness & Untouchables Clean House!

Gangsters have had their run of the town, but Eliot Ness and his Untouchables are ready to clean house as Saturday dawns. While many people are checking out the classic vehicles and enjoying the food booths, and other attractions, or visiting the Eliot Ness Museum, there will be plenty of action all around them.

Lively Street Theater!

9:45 am/ Scene 4

Oh, no! The bad guys are combining forces – there’s power in numbers – to tighten their grip on the town. A deal is in the works, but how long can the peace last? Capone, Torrio, O’Banion, Moran and Weiss are causing quite a ruckus in town as they gather at the Artisan Center (Main and Third streets) at O’Banion’s famous Always in Bloom flower shop next door. This may not go well!

Coudersport Rotary Club Speakeasy Beer Garden

Location: West Second Street (between Hotel Crittenden and Eliot Ness Museum)
Hours: Noon to 10 pm; last call is at 9:30 pm

Patrons can select from a choice of beers and non-alcoholic drinks and a variety of food options. They can also try their luck with multiple games of chance. Proceeds benefit community service and charitable activities. Sit back and enjoy an Eliot Ness Trivia Contest, led by Rebecca McFarland and A. Brad Schwartz (Details TBA).

Courthouse Square will be hopping!

9:00 am to 5:00 pm Courthouse Square

Music, food, crafts and other attractions/vendors. Be sure to stop at the Law Tent, where you can meet, greet and learn about our law enforcement agencies and partners. Stop and see the Cleveland Police Museum exhibits.

Four separate vehicle shows: what a spectacle!

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

--Ness Chicago Era, pre-1934s, Main and East Second streets
--Ness Cleveland Era, 1934s – 1942s, East Third Street
--Ness Coudersport Era, 1942s-1957s, easternmost East Third Street, at Ness’s Coudersport home
--Law & Emergency Vehicles, all vintages & types, Courthouse Square

Ed and Lori

Gangsters, Guns & Honest G-men

10:00 am

Coudersport Theatre, Keynote Speaker Thomas Chittum, former Associate Deputy Director and Chief Operating Office, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). This speaker has seen it all and he has put together and fascinating and enlightening and entertaining presentation. Free admission.

Ness Recruits His Untouchables

11:00 am, Coudersport Theater

This is going to be a lot of fun! In a theatrical performance, see Eliot Ness assemble his team of federal agents who will charge out the theater’s front doors and begin rounding up the bad guys. The program will include participation by descendants of the actual Untouchables. Admission $10. (Click Here For tickets)


Lively Street Theater!

12:45 pm/ Scene 5

The Untouchables have been mustered and have set out to clean up the town. They’ve cased the downtown area and huddled to map out their attack. First stop is an alleged booze-running headquarters masking itself as the Cream ‘n Sugar delicacies store (North Main Street). Who could have known that those sweet and innocent folks were dishing out more than just ice cream and candy?

Cream ‘n Sugar Raid

Eliot Ness – Cleaning Up Cleveland

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Coudersport Theater

Hear from Rebecca McFarland, VP/Board of Trustees, Cleveland Police Historical Society. Many are unaware of the multiple accomplishments and activities of Eliot Ness in Cleveland. He helped turn around a city that had fallen into the hands of criminal outfits and was sinking fast. Within just a few years, Cleveland came bouncing back and was celebrated as “America’s Safest City.” Our speaker is the foremost authority on the fascinating Cleveland chapter of Ness’s life. Her program is a step back in time. Free admission.

Untouchables Descendants’ Reception

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Courthouse Square/Law Tent

Welcome by Paul Vanderplow, ATF Special Agent-in-Charge, Detroit Field Division; and Scott Sroka, First Assistant U.S. Attorney/Western N.Y. & grandson of Untouchable agent Joe Leeson. Come and meet the folks who have come to town to honor the memories of their ancestors and listen to their stories. Free admission.

Lively Street Theater!

4:45 pm/ Scene 6

It’s time to move in the most brazen flouting of the law in the history of this town. Didn’t the folks at the Rotary Beer Garden and the adjacent Hotel Crittenden (Main and Second streets) get the memo about Prohibition. They thought they were, shall we say, “well-protected” with plenty of muscle and certain gratuities paid to the local constabulary. Capone and his forces are making money hand over fist at this den of iniquity. Time for them to face the music!

Authors’ Presentation/Reception/Book Signing

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Courthouse Square/Law Tent

Presentation/reception with A. Brad Schwartz and Paul W. Heimel, authors of books covering all three chapters of Ness’s life -- Chicago, Cleveland & Coudersport. Free admission.

How Desilu’s Untouchables Transformed Television

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Coudersport Theater

Our featured event on Saturday night is a colorful presentation by Kelly Lynch, executive producer of “The Untouchables TV Show Retrospective.” Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are known around the world for their broad menu of entertainment on the TV and movie screens. But did you know that the enterprise was teetering on the brink before Arnaz learned of a manuscript largely written right here in Coudersport? He took the Eliot Ness “Untouchables” story and ran with it, rescuing Desilu and making Ness one of the most famous lawmen in the world. Free admission.

Lucy and Desi

Fireworks Over Town

10:00 pm

Excellent vantage points all around town, including the Coudersport Area High School parking lot and athletic field and Mitchell Park on Park Avenue.

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